Cosmology and Relativity Group (CRAG) seminar schedule

Academic year 2017/18

Seminars are usually on Tuesdays at 4pm in J11 Hicks.

Week Date Speaker Title
0 Tue / Thu       Elizabeth Winstanley
Sam Dolan
Christopher Fewster (York)    
Quantum field theory on anti-de Sitter space-time.
Geometrical optics and spin-helicity effects.
Preferred states in quantum field theories, ancient and modern.
1 26th Sep
2 3rd Oct
3 10th Oct Antonin Coutant (Nottingham) The draining bathtub experiment
4 17th Oct Sam Dolan Journal club: GW/multi-messenger astronomy with binary neutron star mergers
5 24th Oct Elizabeth Winstanley Journal club: C Rovelli, arXiv:1710.00218
6 31st Oct Nicola Franchini (Nottingham) Black Holes with Light Boson Hair and QPOs
7 7th Nov Theo Torres (Nottingham)
8 14th Nov Christopher Berry (Birmingham)
9 21st Nov Vladimir Toussaint (Nottingham)
10 28th Nov Markus Fröb (York) Algebraic quantum field theory, the Hadamard condition and Ward identities
11 5th Dec Hannah Middleton (Birmingham)
12 12th Dec Lucas Lombriser (Edinburgh)